GoodLife Starter Programs

Our goal is to help you get you the most effective start towards achieving your health and fitness goals. We know everyone’s fitness journey is a personal one. Select the starter that is best for you. Speak with a club associate to book one today.

Your Journey

Welcome to GoodLife Fitness! You’ve made the first step to becoming a healthier, stronger you. We’ll show you all of your options from fitness classes to personal training that will help you reach and exceed your fitness goals. We’re excited to help you get started on your fitness journey.

Personal Training

Personal Training provides you with the best possible start towards achieving your health and fitness goals. Your Trainer is focused on your goals, your health and your success. Through Personal Training, you will build confidence as well as establish a habit of consistent workouts.

Personal Trainer Starter Packages are available in 3X one hour and 6X one hour packages. These packages include a one hour LifeChanger session in addition to your Personal Training sessions.

Personal Training Starter


Fitness Starter is a one-on-one 60 minute session with a Personal Trainer where you discuss your lifestyle, goals and preferences. You will learn valuable information about your physical health (i.e. your blood pressure, measurements, body composition, functional movement assessment, etc). Following your physical assessment, the Personal Trainer will lead you through a 30 minute demonstration on fitness equipment in the Club. They will offer tips and recommendations for your first month of workouts to get you started on a path to success. They will also share the multiple programming options that are available and make recommendations on what would work best for you, such as one-on-one Personal Training or Team Training.

Fitness Starter


We have a Class Starter that can fit everyone’s schedule and fitness goals. The Class Starter helps you figure out which class or classes are your favourites. To learn more about a class, drop by the front desk 15 minutes before any class, or book an appointment with one of our Associates to explain a class and introduce you to the instructor.

Cardio Class


Are you ready to get your heart pumping? Choose from:

  • RPM™/Cycling
  • Aqua
Strength Training Class

Strength Training

Strength Training is key to building muscle which maintains bone density and maximizes weight loss. Choose from:

  • Better Backs
  • Awesome Abs
Mind/Body Class


Our Yoga based workouts are a fantastic way to get a total body work out for all fitness levels. Clear your mind and recharge your spirit by choosing:

  • Yoga
  • YogaFit®
  • Pilates
  • Hot Yoga


Do you need a workout that is fast and convenient? Our GoodLife 20 minute Fit-Fix is for you. This fast, effective and easy workout can get you results in just 20 minutes 3 times per week. In just 30 minutes, this Starter appointment will show you how to use the Fit-Fix equipment as well as a proper warm up. We also provide you with complete cardio training information.

Fit-Fix Starter

Visit your nearest club or speak to an Associate for more details.

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